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A highly technical expertise In its commitment to technological innovation, TSO focuses its research on delivering improvements that combine quality with service efficiency and the safety of its personnel. The company maintains its own stock of high-quality equipment approved and certified to the highest level to provide an effective response… Read More

Rail safety and signalling

Rail signalling Rail signalling activities are carried out by the subsidiary TSO Signalisation Studies, signalling installations Signalling equipment/infrastructures Rail Safety Rail safety activities are carried out by the subsidiaries FVF and Sages Rail Securing railway worksites on the national network Announcement of railway traffic Temporary speed limit Electrical protection of… Read More

Classic lines

Classic lines, high-speed lines, metros, trams... TSO masters all the required skills, from design to commissioning. Read More

High-speed lines

Classic lines, high-speed lines, metros, trams... TSO masters all the required skills, from design to commissioning. Read More

Urban lines

TSO adapts its offer to all urban issues: trolleybus, tramway, metro… Concrete track, 3rd rail, rigid catenary, conductor rail. MAIN METRO REFERENCES United Kingdom > 2013-2020: London RER – Crossrail Project – Installation of tracks, catenaries and electromechanical services   Panama > 2010-2019: Panama Metro – Construction of Line 1… Read More


Ballast Track Replacement, Track Device Replacement, Ballast Replacement, Sleeper remplacement, Rail remplacement TSO is the expert in Track Ballast Replacement (TBR) using mobile mechanised rail worksites to replace every component of the rail track: rails, sleepers and ballast. TBR is a major maintenance operation. Other on-demand and routine maintenance tasks… Read More

Renewal work outside suite

Renewal of ballast, rails and sleepers on so-called difficult tracks (platforms, tunnels, trenches, tight curves, presence of obstacles). TSO uses PUMA 2 and DRL-C machines, a methodology unique in France, created for the execution of this work. MAIN REFERENCES France > 2010: Ballast renewal Thionville – Agen – Villeneuve Saint… Read More

Regeneration work in closed line

Track renewal (ballast, rails and sleepers), civil engineering (gutters, ditches, platforms and structures) and rail safety (PN agent, train driving, construction train formation). MAIN REFERENCES France > 2017- 2019 :Regeneration of the railway line – Le Puy en Velay – Firminy… Read More


The activities related to topography are represented by the subsidiary MIRE. The professions are: Topography: TGV work, work on conventional and RGB tracks, tramway and metro work. Auscultation: automatic, manual, geotechnical instrumentation. Rail studies: track design, alignment studies, gauges, armaments and LRS, for conventional lines, urban freight lines… Read More

Electrification and ole renewal

The activities related to the electrification and remodelling of catenaries are carried out by the subsidiary TSO Catenaries. Our organization and expertise allow us to meet all needs, by offering a global solution, adapted to the specificities of all types of work. 63M€ in revenue in 2018 21M€… Read More